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The World's Deadliest Creatures
ISBN: 9780696239816
Author: Curry, Don (EDT)
Publisher: Meredith Books
Published: January 2008
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Binding Type: Library Binding
Annotation: In a world of lurking animals and insects, "The World's Deadliest Creatures "from Meredith Books and the Discovery Channel, captures the most deathly creatures found across the globe. From the American Alligator that doesn't waste time chewing and just swallows their prey whole, to the boiling-hot, poison-shooting Bombardier beetle - this book goes from big to small and everything in between. Let this book convince you that small insects can be deadly weapons too.

Additional Information
Target Grade: 3-4
Grade level: 3-4
Physical Information: 0.25" H x 25.00" L x 7.75" W
Bargain Category: Science, Reference, Middle School, Biology, Animals, Upper Elementary
Grade level(s): 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th