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Ancient Chinese
ISBN: 9780756516475
Author: Binns, Tristan Boyer/ Taylor, Mike (ILT)
Publisher: Compass Point Books
Published: August 2006
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Binding Type: Library Binding
Annotation: This book introduces the reader to the fascinating world of the ancient Chinese. It explores how the Chinese worked, played, and lived their daily lives. It also looks at how the Chinese world was ruled and how they built massive structures, including the Great Wall. Did You Know? The Great Wall was built more than 2,400 years ago. The Chinese built many inventions from their vast knowledge of math and science. Ancient Chinese coins looked like tiny knives. The Ancient Civilizations series tells the stories of the greatest cultures in human history and explains the lives of ancient people with amazing facts and stories.
Additional Information
Target Grade: 4-6
Grade level: 4-6
Physical Information: 0.25" H x 25.00" L x 9.25" W
Bargain Category: Geography, History, Middle School, Non-Fiction, Upper Elementary
Grade level(s): 4th, 5th, 6th